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Do not miss out on the opportunity to get valuable tips on all sorts of topics related to your garage doors. We have created this section not only for those who are curious, but for everyone who seeks to achieve the highest possible level of safety, security and convenience.

Don't underestimate the value of lubrication

Garage door lubrication maintenance is the best treatment for all steel parts. Steel is protected with lubricants and lasts longer. Noises stop or are avoided entirely since steel parts possess lubricants to facilitate their movement and won't rub on one another causing wear.

Get the right opener

Getting the right garage door opener in terms of motors and safety features is of the essence according to our premier specialists. These characteristics must match the requirements of the door so the power of the opener won't be stressed if the door is very heavy.

Unplug your door opener when you’re away

For your security, it is best to unplug your Liftmaster or door opener. You may buy a lock console switch if your overhead door does not have one. This makes the remote control useless when you’re away. Garages are attractive to thieves especially when they know you’re out of the house.

De-ice the bottom of a freezing door instead of forcing the opener

Pushing the button countless times when the door does not give in due to an icy buildup on the floor may damage your opener unit and give a headache with repair costs. To manage, it is advisable to use a de-icer to apply some heat on the floor and break into the icy spot.

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