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The more you know the better prepared you will be to make any choice regarding your garage door. Take advantage of the thorough information which we have provided in the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our industry. Use it effectively to ensure that the system is safe and secure at all times.

How are rusty panels fixed?

The first step involves identifying the size and thickness of the rust accumulations. Our technicians recommend the use of steel wool for removing thicker layers of rust. If there are traces of previously applied paint on top, paint stripper must also be used. Appropriate solvent will work to remove the final thin layer of rust.

What is a wind load garage door?

This is a type of overhead door which is especially designed and made to withstand high wind force and pressure. It is recommended for use in hurricane-prone areas. These doors have extra strong steel components plus special struts which work to stiffen the panels. Check the building codes in your area for the precise wind load requirements which must be met.

My garage door’s extension springs are no longer balanced. Can I fix them myself?

Our garage door repair professionals say that this task should best be done by a contractor because extension springs are under very high tension and if handled by inexperienced hands, it can prove to be very dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Which is the best type of lubricant for garage doors?

The ideal lubricant is light and non-sticky. It does not contain silicone either. It is best if it has lithium as this ingredient prevents it from hardening when the weather gets cold. When choosing a lubricant, you should always refer to the instruction manual that came with the door. Follow the recommendations of the door’s manufacturer when choosing a lubricant to avoid breaching the warranty.

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