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Garage Door Springs

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The mission of garage door springs is to move the door. There are two kinds. The most common ones for residential doors are the extension springs, which are placed at the two sides of the door. These ones extend when the door closes down and store their energy in order to use it when the door opens up. At this time, their coils contract and thanks to their power they can keep the door open at any height. The same thing happens with torsion spring garage door systems with the difference that this kind of springs are placed at the upper side of the door and there is a metal shaft running through them which connects with the two cable drums. Torsion springs wind and unwind at one end while they remain stationary at the other side. This particular property of theirs creates torque which helps the movement of the door.  

We deal with spring issues fast

Garage Door Springs in MinnesotaWe deal with spring issues for years. Everyone at Garage Door Repair Mound is experienced with both torsion and extension springs and knows what steps must be followed so that spring damage will be restored immediately. We offer full spring garage door repair services. This means that we take care of all issues, make adjustments and install new ones. Springs lose tension every single time they lift and lower the door and that's why adjustments are required from time to time. Our technicians are always equipped with the right tools in order to provide garage door torsion spring adjustment with the right winding bars.

We are experts in extension springs repair. We don't let problems threaten your safety. With an emergency team ready to respond immediately when issues concern you, you can have peace of mind. We are fast and also able to handle every single problem whether there is need for us to check and adjust the springs or there is need for broken spring replacement. Our team is familiar with all brands, experienced with galvanized springs and an expert in oil tempered springs. We fix all types of springs, including Clopay torsion spring systems. The need to repair springs fast makes us faster. We have the right foundations to make such promises and guarantee prominence in all spring related services.

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