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Keep Tracks in Perfect Condition

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Although all overhead garage door parts are important, some require special attention if you want to avoid problems and enjoy a perfectly functional door. Springs might have a saying to the movement of the door and the opener might be the upper class of the electric garage system, but the tracks are equally significant. If the rollers are the little feet of the door, the tracks are the runner rugs. The rollers must move inside the tracks or the door might jam or pop off. Not only will the garage door off track create operational problems but also issues with your security and possibly with your safety.

The urgency of track problems

Keep Tracks in Perfect ConditionSuch problems are avoided when garage door tracks are not damaged. Small or big dents and misaligned tracks won't let the rollers slide well. On the contrary, they cause rollers to pop off the tracks. It would be the same as if someone would stamp and fall on the loose runner rug. The most common issues related to tracks are dents created when something heavy falls on them or the tracks are hit by the car. In this case, the rollers will find obstructions in their movement and soon will stop moving. Similar problems will appear when the tracks are misaligned. Tracks lose their initial position when they are hit or their fasteners are loose.

The problem with track issues is that they prevent door movement. Whether they are misaligned or dented, the movement of the rollers will be obstructed and soon stopped. Since the rollers carry the door, the problem will be massive. The door will not move or remain open. The consequences of these problems will reflect on your daily life. Depending on whether the door is jammed or remained open, the safety of your family is threatened. In such cases when the door cannot close, home security will be threatened too. If the door simply doesn't open all the way due to damaged garage door tracks, the door is useless since you won't be able to move the car out. So, make sure track issues are fixed today.

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