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Keep Openers in Good Shape

04/14/2015 Back To Blog

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Regardless if you take care of your overhead door the way you would want to or the way you should, you surely agree that its maintenance is vital. One way or the other, parts must be checked and the whole system must be tuned up so that the door can move without problems. Some people give greater importance to the maintenance of mechanical parts rather the opener parts. The truth is that the maintenance of all parts is significant for the good and safe operation of the door. Imagine that your garage door is the United States. The opener parts would be the west coast and the mechanical parts would be the east coast. All parts have tremendous meaning to how the government would work and in our case the government is the door itself.

The immense significance of opener maintenance

Keep Openers in Good ShapeThe problem with garage door openers is that it might need our attention more often. Once mechanical parts are tightened, fixed, lubricated and tested, they are good to go for several months. With openers, it takes more frequent visits to our garage. Since they are electric powered, anything wrong with the electricity over the months could trigger a problem. Pushing slightly the sensors, which are found at the bottom parts of the door, would take some of our time for sensors alignment. When light bulbs and clicker batteries die, they must be immediately replaced. If we notice a worn wire, we must disconnect it from the terminals and have it replaced immediately.

When it comes to garage door parts which work with electric power, the need for more frequent checks and repairs is immense. We cannot actually avoid taking care of the opener. This week would be the new batteries of the remote, next week would be the cleaning of the sensors' lenses and next month it would be time for garage door opener maintenance. We just cannot wait till the right time for maintenance comes. When there is the slightest problem with any of the opener parts, we must take care of it. We can't just say that the light bulbs will be changed in two weeks-time when we have already planned the overall maintenance of the opener. They must be replaced now or we will walk in the dark for two whole weeks. The simplest problem like the bulbs gets our attention let alone worse problems.

The reasons for keeping the electric door operator in excellent shape all the time are plenty. Functional and convenient openers do not only signify our easy entrance and exit but also our safety. These are the two most important reasons for maintaining the opener on time and keeping it in form every single day. It's not only that we'll walk in the dark without lights or that we'll have to open the door manually if there is a wiring problem, but even more importantly that our garage door would become a safety hazard just because we failed to clean the lenses of the photo eyes and make sure they are aligned.

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